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Názov testu: Charles Dickens
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Where was Charles Dickens born?

Which member of the Dickens family was in prison?
Charles Dicken´s father
Charles Dicken´s mother
Charles Dicken´s uncle
Charles Dickens

When did Charles Dickens start to write stories?
at the age of 15
when he was working in the office
as a schoolboy
at the age of 25

What was the name of Charles Dickens´s first book?
The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club
Oliver Twist
Barnaby Rudge
Sketches by Boz

When did Charles Dickens become famous?
at the age of 25
at the age of 15
as a schoolboy
after his death

How did Charles Dickens shock the Victorian society?
by writing "Pickwick Papers"
by his hatred to the social system
by having nine children
by leaving his wife

What´s the title of the book which deals with the boy who hasn´t got parents?
Nicolas Nickleby
Oliver Twist
David Copperfield
Mr Pickwick

Which of Dickens´s works is a historical novel?
Oliver Twist
Nicolas Nickleby
A Tale of Two Cities
Great Expectations

What characters did Charles Dickens create in his novels?
princesses and princes
thieves, murderers, orphans
wealthy people

What is a typical feature of Charles Dickens´s novels?
the love towards contemporary England
historical plot
romantic characters
autobiographical elements


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