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Názov testu: How to lead a healthy lifestyle
Predmet: Angličtina
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Dátum pridania: 30. 11. 2016 22:53
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What should you do to be healthy?
eat a lot of food
exercise, eat healthy food, drink water
eat junk food

What shoudn´t you do?
smoke and eat junk food
drink a lot of water
give up smoking

Why should we exercise?
to be fat
to be skinny
to stay healthy
to check BMI

What does the English saying „An apple a day keeps the doctor away“ mean?
doctor doesn´t work
eating fruits is healthy
you must eat one apple a day
doctor doesn´t like apples

What is junk food?
fruits and vegetables
sweet, salty and fat food

What should we eat to be healthy?
sweets and ice-cream
chips, hamburgers and hotdogs
fruits and vegetables
salted snacks

How many servings of fruit and vegetables should young people have each day?
four and five
one and two

How much water a day should we drink?
1 litre
2 litres

Why do we need water?
it brings waste
it helps us to give up smoking
it damages lungs
It carries oxygen and minerals around

Why is smoking dangerous?
you can´ t give it up
you have to buy the book Easy way to stop smoking
it damages heart, lungs and legs
It carries oxygen and minerals around


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