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Culture and art

Dátum pridania: 02. 09. 2009 10:08
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Vypracovala: Mgr. Gabriela Cifrová

Culture and art are integral parts of the everyday life of people. They add aesthetic value to our lives, enrich our mind and please our senses. Culture and cultural life can be represented by music, literature, fine arts, art exhibitions and museum exhibits, by going to the cinema, theatre and concerts.

Music can be someone’s hobby, profession or a part of the lifestyle. If you like classical music, you can enjoy a concert of a philharmonic orchestra in a concert hall or attend a festival. Opera lovers can chose from a list of opera performances in a theatre or opera house. Fans of different music styles - pop, rock, jazz, blues or country can enjoy the music at music festivals, concerts or simply listen to CDs. There are also people, who like folklore music. Folklore groups dressed in traditional costumes dance at folklore festivals from which the most famous is the one held in July in Východná.

Going to the cinema is an important part of youth culture in today’s society. Young people love spending their free time with their friends and the cinema offers them that. After the film, they enjoy talking about the plot, cast and scenes they liked most over their favourite pizza.

Going to the theatre is a social event for most people. Keen theatregoers, rarely teenagers or younger ones, can enjoy various types of theatre performances and usually choose the performance they want to see according to its director and cast.

Those who like fine art enjoy going to art galleries to see exhibitions of classical or modern art that are held all year round. There are not many people who are keen on going to galleries these days, especially among teenagers. However, museums seem to be full of visitors as people seem to like to learn about the history of their region or country.

How rich your cultural life is depends on both your interests and hobbies, as well as where you live. If you live in a large town, you have a good choice as cultural facilities are plentiful. There are several cinemas, in a large town you can find one or two theatres, many galleries, museums, concerts and festivals of different genres are held there. All you need to do is to decide where you’d like to go or what you’d like to see or sometimes you might need to buy a ticket in advance. That’s all.

If you live in a small town or village, you don’t have such a good choice as there aren’t many cultural facilities. The only cultural event is a disco or ball which are held on special occasions several times a year. When people living in a village want to see a good film or theatre performance, they have to go to the nearest town which can be expensive and time consuming. The only choice for them is television, videos and possibly DVDs which are a bit cheaper and more convenient.

Cultural events in the countryside are not that frequent. People who live in villages all their lives prefer gardening, visiting friends or watching TV. Many inhabitants of bigger cities are moving to villages, trying to get away from the busy city life. Those moving not too far from the city can still enjoy the cultural life the city offers.

Culture and art challenge your imagination, influence you positively, bring joy to life, make your life more interesting and that’s why we should enjoy it at least from time to time no matter where we live.

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